Retail Business

Retail Business

Instead of having a storefront, we sell jewelry, brand bags and watches on the internet. We also manufacture our original jewelry and remake jewelry so we can suggest you a plan that suite your need.

EC Sales <Online Store at Rakuten Market>

Jewel Aimashas a store at Rakuten Market. By having an online store instead of a storefront, we can provide high quality product with reasonable price.
Our products range from jewelry, gems to brand bags and watches with price ranging from where you can buy fashionable items to high quality, high priced items. In our store at Rakuten Market, you can choose what you like from 5,000 items that are always on stock. Please consult us if you have certain image, condition, or price range. We will respond to your demand quickly. Go to Rakuten Market

Remade jewelry with original design.

EC Sales <Online Store at Rakuten Market>

Our Jewelry is designed in-house. We cooperate with a Japanese jewelry studio for processing and making your jewelry new.

We have various deign and price range from delicate jewelry worn by young people to jewelry with large and gorgeous center stone decorated with diamond around it, which is preferred by Chinese people.

There are many customers who prefer their products made in Japan especially from China and our strength is product made-in-Japan.

Also, we put our strength in remaking jewelry where we utilize the parts for jewelry to make new jewelry so we can provide high quality jewelry for reasonable price.

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We have specialized staff answering your calls. They can communicate in Chinese so please do not hesitate to call us.

You can contact us from Skype or QQ.

Skype:Jewel.Aimas  QQ:3103178103