privacy policy

privacy policy

  • 1.About the acquisition of the personal information
    We will acquire personal information that is necessary in the situation stated below in a fair and appropriate manner.
    ・When we take order from you based on your contact to us
    ・When you made inquiry from our website
    ・When you made inquiry from other means
  • 2.Use of private information
    We use personal information within the purpose of usage that is it is necessary for operating the business stated below.
    <Purpose of usage> To provide information to our customers (information about our service)
    When we share your personal information with our partners or commission the use of private information to a third party, we inspect the third party strictly and supervise them appropriately to maintain the confidentiality.
  • 3.Providing personal information to the third party
    We will not provide the personal information of our customers without getting the consent from our customers except when it is required to do so by the law.
  • 4.Management of personal information
    We will maintain the accuracy of private information and will manage it safely.
    In order to prevent the loss, damage, falsification, and discloser of personal information, we will have appropriate information security measure for computer virus for unauthorized access and others.
    We will not disclose personal information by taking it out of the company and send it outside.
  • 5.Release, revision, termination of usage, and erasing of personal information
    We verify that our customer has the rights for releasing, revising, terminating the usage, and erasing of personal information and if there is a request for such, we will do so without any objection.
  • 6.Organization and System
    We will appoint a person to manage the protection of personal information and have appropriate management system for personal information.
    We will train our executives and employees about how to manage private information appropriately and take measure to have personal information handled appropriately in our daily operation.
  • 7.Formulation, maintenance, and improvement of compliance program for personal information
    In order to execute this policy, we will formulate compliance program for personal information (this policy include “Personal Information Protection Regulation” and other rules, regulation, and detailed rule) and have our employees and related personnel follow it. We will also maintain and improve it continuously.
  • 8.Management of personal information
    If you have any opinions, questions, or release of our private policy and management of private information, please contact our company.
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